Ranger 3/8" x 100' Durable UHMWPE Synthetic Winch Rope Cable 20,500LBs with Protective Sleeve


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  • Model: 526
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  • Champion 3500-lb. ATV/UTV Synthetic Rope Winch Kit
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  • ✓ Pre-stretched + heat-treated UHMWPE synthetic fiber for ultimate tensile strength
  • ✓ Bright red, high heat resistant jacket on drum end offers best protection from drum heat and abrasion. Also indicates the holding point of line on the drum.
  • ✓ Heavy duty stainless steel tube thimble with GUSSET for superior eye protection
  • ✓ Ranger Logo Protective Sleeve included for extra protection against chafe and wear
Ranger Durable UHMWPE Synthetic Fiber Winch Rope is Safer than steel wire rope, Stronger than steel wire rope, Extremely lightweight makes it easy to use, Floats in water, Torque-free, No more cut hands from wire splinters or burrs, Will not kink like steel wire rope, Will not rust. Your winch will work more efficiently. The further the winch line is from the center of the drum, the less pulling power the winch will have. Using a soft rope that each layer of line is closer to the surface of the drum than a steel wire rope would be. In many winching scenarios it can be difficult to ensure the line is spooled on the winch neatly and the line can get bunched up on one area of the drum. This can allow the winch line to contact the winch housing or winch mounting plate, which can cause damage to the line or the winch itself. Therefore, Ranger winch rope is your perfect choice.